Bite-sized pieces of our delicious Beef Tenderloin.

Tenderloin Tips

  • Our Tenderloin Tips are perfectly bite sized pieces of extremely lean, mild flavored tenderloin that are trimmed from our whole tenderloins and filets.  They are excellent for pan-searing, quick stir-fry and butter braising with vegetables. Tenderloin Tips are an excellent choice for those consciencous of fat in their diet and are considered a heart-healthy beef option. 

    Diamond A Tenderloin Tips are available in 2 pound packages.

  • The beef tenderloin is an oblong muscle which extends along the calf's back toward rear portion or rump . It doesn't get much exercise, which attributes to the meat's supreme tenderness. Our Tenderloin Tips are trimmed from the whole tenderloin when our butcher's hand-cut filets.