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"Our Family is Committed to Bringing you the Best Quality and Flavor in our Selection of Beef Products."
- Jerry Armstrong,    Owner


How are cattle raised at Diamond A Ranch?

7 to 10 month old calves are weaned from their mothers and brought into our preconditioning pens where they are supplemented with a balanced, high roughage diet to help with the transition away from their dam.

After approximately thirty days these calves are sent back to the pasture and allowed to graze in addition to receiving a balanced grower ration daily to help level out the consistency of the grass and allow them to grow and stay healthy.

At approximately 800 lbs., the calves that meet the criteria for the beef program are then transitioned to our finisher diet for approximately 150 days to eventually become Diamond A Ranch Beef.

How are the cattle handled at Diamond A Ranch?

​Cattle are handled with low stress management practices and facilities are designed with that in mind. All cattle are checked daily by horseback and any calves needing attention are quietly sorted out and walked to the pens.


The welfare and well-being of our cattle is always our foremost consideration.

How are cattle harvested at Diamond A Ranch?

Cattle will finish the feedlot phase at 1,250 to 1,350 lbs. They are monitored and selected for harvest when they have acheived full growth without extra fat cover.


The calves are processed at a state inspected facility, where the carcasses hang for 14 days to age the meat for optimum tenderness and flavor. 

Do Diamond A Ranch cattle receive antibiotics?

At weaning, calves are fed a starter ration that includes aureomycin to help prevent respiratory infections. Calves that require injectable antibiotics are not selected for Diamond A Ranch Beef.

Do Diamond A Ranch cattle receive hormones?

Hormones are not utilized in the Diamond A Ranch Beef finishing phase.


How to Order: 

To Order Online: Click "Online Ordering" at the top of the page.  

To order by Phone: Call Julie at 979-324-4503

To Order by Email: beef@diamondaranchbeef.com 

Please see the Products page for a list of all our products and the most current prices. 



All Pickup orders are ready no later than 1 business day after the order is received. Pickup can be at Diamond A Ranch Beef's warehouse located at 1245 CR 400 Dime Box, TX, or at The Country Store in Dime Box, Texas. Please specify which location is preferred.

Payment Methods:

We accept payment by cash, check or credit/debit card. For orders placed for delivery, payment is due prior to shipping. For pickup orders, payment can be made at time of pickup.


Orders are Shipped via FedEx using Next Day service. Orders will be delivered to the address provided and will ship the following Tuesday after your order has been placed. For shipment, physical address and phone number are required. 

Shipments are packaged in Styrofoam shipping containers and every effort is made to ensure that your order will remain frozen until arrival. It is recommended that an individual be present at the shipping location to receive the order. 

All of our products are available for in-store purchase at The Country Store. 4293 HWY 21 E. Dime Box, TX 77853.

"the quality of the meat was excellent- tender and flavorful. I bought a ribeye from Costco just to compare and Diamond A Ranch blew it out of the water." 
          -CLyde Williams
          Diamond A Ranch           Beef Customer

Our story 


Over the last 40 years, Diamond A Ranch has been involved in many segments of the ranching business including the production of registered Brahman cattle, crossbred cow/calf, F-1 and replacement heifers, ownership and management of a local auction market, livestock transport business, and preconditioning and growing of stocker calves. 


In 2016, Diamond A Ranch decided to take its operations one step further and began a new venture, Diamond A Ranch Beef, which is owned and operated by Jerry and Julie Armstrong, their three daughters, Jessica, Katherine and Melanie, and son-in-law, Klint Moore. 


After many years of eating our own beef, our three daughters had encouraged us to offer Diamond A Ranch Beef to others. They explained that people would love to have the option to purchase their beef directly from a ranch, not from a grocery store. 

By picking select calves that are grown on pasture and then finishing them on locally grown grain with no hormones or antibiotics added during the 150 day finishing phase, we have been able to provide a natural, tender and tasteful product that also provides our customers with peace of mind in knowing how their beef was produced.

Even though we have been producing cattle since 1974, finally providing our beef to consumers is the most personal and rewarding experience so far. We taste the difference and know you will too!




For information call (979)324-4503

1245 CR 400 Dime Box, TX 77853

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