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-Our Story-

Over the last forty-nine years, Diamond A Ranch has been providing high-quality cattle in both the registered and commercial markets, as well as purchasing additional top-quality calves from local ranchers to precondition and grow as stocker cattle.

In 2016, Diamond A Ranch, located in Dime Box, Texas, decided to take its operations one step further and began a new venture - Diamond A Ranch Beef - which is owned and operated by Jerry and Julie Armstrong and their family. The vison of providing customers with the same premium beef they feed their own family and friends then became a reality.

The process begins by hand-selecting our best Half Angus Steers for the beef program. These calves are raised on pasture and supplemented with salvaged fruits and vegetables from local grocery stores. The cattle are then finished on a diet that includes locally grown and recycled grains. The result is a natural, tender, and flavorful product that provides an exceptional dining experience.

"Even though we have been producing cattle since 1974, providing beef to customers has been a very personally rewarding experience. Our customers can be confident in knowing where and how their beef is raised. We 'Taste the Difference' and are confident you will too!"


- J. Armstrong



For questions about any of our products, or help with placing your order, don't hesitate to contact us:  |  (979)-324-4503

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