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A petite ribeye-like steak from the chuck portion. We offer two 12 oz steaks in each package.

Chuck Eye Steak - 2 pack

  • Our flavorful Chuck Eye Steaks are hand cut from the same muscle that makes up the tender ribeye steaks. These special cut steaks aren't available in every butcher's case as they take more time and skill to cut. These steaks are smaller than our ribeyes and are a perfectly portioned for light eaters, some of our customers say that our Chuck Eye steaks are better than our ribeyes. They are an ideal option for grilling or pan-searing, and are best when dry-rubbed with seasoning. 

    Chuck Eyes  weight approximately 11 oz each, and are packaged 2/pack.

  • The chuck eye steak comes from the upper shoulder of the steer, the region butchers refer to as the chuck primal. Ribeyes come from the sixth to twelfth ribs of steer; butchers cut the chuck eye from the fifth rib. This proximity means the chuck eye steak shares many of the characteristics of a ribeye. Although chuck eye steaks aren't always available, there are only a few per calf, they tend to be a delicious budget-friendly cut of steak. 

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