A petite steak cut from the chuck portion of the steer. 

Denver Steak - 2 pack

  • This medium sized steak and is a lesser known cut from the chuck. It offers great beefy flavor and is generally well marbled.  Denver steaks are great on the grill or pan - seared with butter and herbs and best served medium - rare as overcooking can cause toughness.  

    Our Denver Steaks are packaged 2/pkg.

  • Denver steak is a cut from the chuck or shoulder. This section gets a lot of exercise, which means that most cuts in the beef chuck are pretty tough, however, the muscle that makes up the Denver Steak doesn't get used much. This makes it one of the more tender steaks cut from the beef chuck.

    Traditionally the entire beef chuck primal would be cut into slabs sold as pot roast. Cutting the Denver steak requires a highly skilled butcher in order to extract the muscle whole and cut properly which is key to tenderness.