Oxtails have a deep, rich flavor and a crowd base that spans the globe.


  • While oxtail can be intimidating and bony in apperance they are high in collegen and gelatin content and full of meaty, beefy flavor that boast a silky, rich flavor when prepared correctly.  Oxtail soup or brasied oxtails are a crowd favorite, and are considered by Diamond A customers as a delicacy. 

    Our Oxtails are cross cut and are priced at $5.00 per pound,  each package weighs about 3 pounds.

  • In the old days Oxtails generally came from oxen but here at Diamond A Ranch Beef our Oxtails come from our ranch raised steer's tails of course.  Oxtail is sold in sections, and since oxtail is really a tail, it is thick at one end and thin at the other, so you will get some pieces that are meatier.