Our best seller from the top sirloin, very popular in Brazilian steakhouses. 


  • Our Picanha (also known as the Coulette or Sirloin Cap) is a large, generous cut and our butchers do a great job leaving a beautiful fat cap on this roast!  This fat layer adds substantial flavor, allowing it to self-basting as the meat cooks contributing to the tenderness of this cut. Perfect for cooking in the traditional Brazilian method or roasting whole, their generous size makes this an ideal choice for feeding a crowd. 

    Diamond A Picanhas weighs between this 4.0 pounds and are  priced at $12.00 per pound. 

  • The top sirloin cap is situated between the loin and the round, near the rear of the steer.  The cap or Picanha is triangular in shape and covered on the top side with a layer of white fat.