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Tender and juicy, well - marbled steak. Our Top Seller! Our full-flavored Boneless Ribeyes are sure to please any steak connoisseur, certainly a customer favorite capturing the signature Diamond A flavor we hear our customers talk about. Perfect on the grill, reverse-seared, or pan-seared. Ribeyes are an excellent choice for family steak night or make a great gift for the steak lover in your life!

Cut 1-1/4" inch thickness, this large steak weighs 1 pound.

Boneless Ribeye 16 oz


  • The ribeye is cut from the roast, known as a prime rib or standing rib roast, that sits at the top of the rib between the chuck and the loin.  The ribeye is attached to the rib of the calf but at Diamond A our butchers remove the bone.

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