1.5 lbs Perfectly portioned beef cutlets!

Round Steak - Cutlets

  • Our trimmed and tenderized beef cutlets are perfectly portioned for family dinner night or a big luncheon when prep time is short on supply.  These fresh tasting beef cutlets are a crowd favorite for chicken-fried steak, or smothered steak.  Priced at $7.00 per pound each package contains 4 cutlets and weighs approximately 1.5 pounds total.

  • Our Round Steak Cutlets come from the portion of the calf called the round, it is a large primal cut consisting mainly of the rear leg and rump of the animal. This can be broken into two sections, the top round and the bottom round. The majority of Diamond A's Round Steaks come from the Top Round. We opt to have all our rounds that we cut into steaks mechanically tenderized.