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Whole round steaks, a customer favorite. 

Round Steak

  • Thinly cut whole round steaks, fresh, mild beefy flavor and tenderized by our butchers for optimal tenderness.  An absolute staple in any family household because of their versatility and ability to be cooked quickly. Our customers love to smother them with gravy and onions, batter and chicken fry or cut into strips and saute our Round Steaks. Individual steaks weight 1.25 lbs.

  • Our Round Steaks come from the portion of the calf called the round, it is a large primal cut consisting mainly of the rear leg and rump of the animal. This can be broken into two sections, the top round and the bottom round. The majority of Diamond A's Round Steaks come from the Outside Round which tends to be a little more tender comparitivly speaking. We opt to have all our rounds that we cut into steaks mechanically tenderized.