A great full flavored sirloin cut that is becoming a favorite for fajitas.

Sirloin Bavette

  • At Diamond A our Sirloin Bavette has become a well kept secret among our competion fajita cookers.  The Sirloin Bavette has many names vacio steak, sirloin flap, bistro steak. Due to it's generous size it is perfect for feeding a large group, and it has exceptional tenderness and rich sirloin flavor. 

    These steaks weigh an average of 2 pounds each and are priced at $11.00 per pound. 

  • Sirloin is another large section of the beef, located between the short loin and rump. The full sirloin is divided into top sirloin and bottom sirloin, Bavette comes from the bottom sirloin close to the flank.