Tenderloin Filets are widely regarded as the most tender cut of beef! 

Tenderloin Filet

  • Our Tenderloin Filets are hand-cut 2 inches thick and are the most tender steak from a steer. They are ideal for quick, high-heat pan searing, or reverse-searing. These extemely lean steaks benefit from minimal seasoning and can also be served with a red wine pan sauce or a buttery, silky béarnaise. They are a perfect for those that are concerned with fat in their diet and considered a heart-healthy beef option. 

    Diamond A Tenderloin Filets are priced at $30.00 per pound in 8oz serving sizes.

  • The beef tenderloin is an oblong muscle which extends along the calf's back toward rear portion or rump . It doesn't get much exercise, which attributes to the meat's supreme tenderness. It's a portion of the ever-popular T-bone or porterhouse steak when left whole with the NY Strip Steak.