The Tail end of our Beef Tenderloin! 

Tenderloin Tails

  • Tenderloin Tails are a great tenderloin steak, showcasing the extemely lean meat and mild flavor our filets showcase.  Diamond A Tenderloin Tails are sold whole and weigh approximately 1.25 pounds and are priced at $25.00 per pound.  The are perfect or butterflying and stuffing, cutting into bite size pieces or just sauteing with butter and garlic over high heat. Tenderloin Tails are an excellent choice for those consciencous of fat in their diet and are considered a heart-healthy beef option.

  • The beef tenderloin is an oblong muscle which extends along the calf's back toward rear portion or rump . It doesn't get much exercise, which attributes to the meat's supreme tenderness. It has a thinner, pointy end and a common technique for dealing with the skinny part of the tenderloin is to cut it into a longer section, this is the Tenderloin Tail.