This box is a roundup of all of our greatest cuts, and a roughly 1/8th of a calf and averages 50 pounds. Perfect for those who want to purchase enough beef to fill a freezer for a few months, or as large all over sampler of our cuts. 

The Roundup

  •  2 - Boneless Ribeyes

    2 - New York Strips

    2 - Denvers

    4 pounds Sirloin Steaks

    2 pounds Sirloin Tips

    1 - Chuck Roast

    1 - Rump Roast

    4 pounds Round Steak - tenderized

    2 pounds Stew Meat

    12 Third Pound Patties

    10 pounds  Premium Ground Beef

    4 pounds Osso Buco

    1 pound Beef Liver

    1 Navel Brisket

  • This package completely fills our largest box and shipping is calculated on a per purchase basis, please feel free to call us and we will gladly help.